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Yearly Archive: 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Mo & the kids came down to St. George for Thanksgiving. It was really great, it was nice to spend more than just a short weekend with them. The boys favorite thing to do at Grandpa Craig’s is to watch movies in his awesome theater room, so there was some hardcore Star Wars action! Thanks Grandpa Craig! We ventured out to Snow Canyon for some hiking and exploring, here are some pictures:


I joined the ranks of guys worldwide who shun their razors (at least around the upper lip) for the month of November and grow mustaches in an effort to support mens health programs like LIVESTRONG ( I’m always looking for an excuse not to shave. Little did I know I would be breaking the law in the process! Did you know it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss a woman in Nevada?! In Alabama it is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church! Oh my! I have come to terms with my criminal status, I am a mustachioed man after all…

Here is the funny article about bizarre laws: I’m Under Arrest for What?

Halloween 2011

Halloween was a hoot this year! We had a Lady Bug (Maci), Harry Potter (Erik), the Grim Reaper (Henry), and a crazy leprechaun (Bronlyn)! Big thanks to Todd for taking the boys out trick or treating since I couldn’t be there. If anybody has other photos they would like me to plaster all over the internet send them over!

Our Wee Maci

The Janke family has been super busy lately! Maci, of course, is the boss and keeps us in line. She has started crawling, and has already taken her maiden voyage down the stairs, we are doomed!

Our Jenny…

It has been six years since our Jenny ventured out, and sadly did not return. We miss her, we miss all she shared with each of us, and we are grateful for how she made each of our lives better. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, Brian, Ann, Chris & James, and all those who loved our Jenny.

HERE is a link to a recent news story in the local post.

4 Generations

I took some photos of Laurel, Peggy, Mo, & Maci so we could have a four generations photo of the girls similar to the one of the Janke boys (1 -Great Grandpa Janke, Grandpa Lee, Lane &, Jaren 2 – Grandpa Lee, Lane, Jaren, & Erik). It was a beautiful spring day, & I think we got some great shots. Maci had her almost six months old pictures taken. They are way cute. Here are some for you to enjoy!

Hey Batter…!!!

Henry is playing coach pitch baseball this spring, and is thoroughly enjoying it! He told us he wanted to play baseball, but not “that stupid one with the ball on the pole”! His games are a gas to watch, especially when he pulls a Pete Rose into home plate!

Last Weeks Events

Just a quick update on some of last weeks events. Henry’s nougat teeth received great marks from the dentist! We discovered that Maci is a celebrity, and she started eating cereal. Mom turned thirty, again! It was also Mother’s Day weekend. The greatest Mother’s of all time are part of my life. Maci, the Boys, & I sure are lucky to have such great Mother’s, Grandmother’s, Mothers-In-Law, & Mother-Truckers in our lives!