The Janke Family

Monthly Archive: March 2008

Erik’s Surgery

Erik had surgery on Thursday. Because of the terrible Janke baby tooth genes, Erik required 8 crowns, and 3 pulpotomies to repair his rotten teeth. Erik has been going to the dentist since he was three years old and he brushes and flosses his teeth regularly, but alas Janke’s do not have strong baby teeth. I recall having many problems with my baby teeth. Breedh was dealt the worst hand when it comes to baby teeth. We all have very strong permanent teeth, so we are positive about Erik’s dental future. Erik took it like a champ! I think Mo and I were effected more by the whole process than Erik. It was an outpatient surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital. They did such a fantastic job, all of our trips to Primary’s have been so positive. Erik was rippin to go once he was in recovery. He is a very busy guy, Lego projects to build, drawings to create, and Star Wars battles to plan. He is really, really stoked about all the pirate booty he now has in his mouth.

Easter 2008

We spent Easter weekend with Granpa Craig and Grandma Robyn at their house in St. George. It was a great fun filled and sun filled weekend! We had a great time swimming, riding bikes, flying kites, and going to the park. We even went to the Johnson Farm Dinosaur Museum.