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Monthly Archive: June 2010

San Diego Zoo

We went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday. What an epic place! The animal exhibits are amazing, and the flora & fauna around the park is incredible. We had a great time! It was hard to decide which pictures to share in this post, I hope you enjoy them…

By the way, there was money exchanging involved with the face painting events!

Beach Day

We hit the Beach today in Carlsbad. Of course it is June, which means June gloom in the San Diego area. But, despite being overcast, it was a beautiful day. We had such a blast combing the beach for treasures, and building sand sculptures! We also discovered that Uncle Matt’s alter ego is the Swamp Creature!

Dinosaur Rides

We stopped at Grandpa Craig’s on our way to Carlsbad. While we were there we visited our good old friend Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex! Here’s a picture and a video from our play time at Grandpa’s park…