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Monthly Archive: May 2012

Solar Eclipse 2012

I have sent many of you the pictures I took of the solar eclipse, but I though I would post them to the The Janke Family Blog. The eclipse yesterday was an annular eclipse. Similar to a total eclipse, but the moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the visible disk of the sun, leaving a ring (annulus) of fiery light around the edges. The last time this event was visible from the western United States was in 1994. I took these pictures of the eclipse with my phone! I put the special glasses over the phones camera lens & adjusted the camera settings so the image wouldn’t wash out. It was pretty awesome to watch!

Maci Shopping @ Target

Here is a super cute video of Maci shopping @ Target & saying hello to everyone she meets. She is a social butterfly. Once her feet hit the ground she is off looking for people to talk to and adventures to be discovered. Of all my children she is the first I have considered putting a leash on! She is an amazing little girl & has her Daddy wrapped around her wee little finger.