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Monthly Archive: March 2009

Appeal Denied

I did not tell anyone because it made me so anxious but Brian went to London yesterday because the Crown Court was hearing the appeal for Jenny’s murder. A panel of three judges heard the appeal, reviewed all the evidence and testimony and heard new witnesses for the defense and after 2 hours denied his appeal stating that his conviction would stand. YEAH!!! He has no further options but to serve his life sentence.
Ann called this morning to give me the news. What a relief they don’t have to go through another trial. The Judge stated at the end of the review that Jenny was a nice girl and neither she nor her parents deserved this. Brian said it was nice of her to say because she had been very stern and all business up to that point.
Here is the link for the Yorkshire paper’s evening edition.

The Northern Echo

Hopefully Brian and Ann can have some peace.
Love You all……………Mom/May