The Janke Family

Monthly Archive: November 2009

All Aboard!

Grammy (May) and Grand-dad (Tom) took the boys to a model train show at the Utah state fair grounds for Henry’s birthday. Henry was so excited I thought he was going to split in two! There were so many trains, I could see the conflict in Henry’s mind of which ones to look at first. Over stimulation! It was so much fun, we had a great time! All the trains at the show were very detailed models, and very expensive. But Henry really needed to add to his train collection. So, on the way home we stopped at Toys’R’Us and Henry purchased a new train with the birthday bucks Grammy gave him. He held the box in his lap the whole way home, and good not wait to set it up.

Fall Boys

I love fall! I love the cooling temperatures and the anticipation of the first big snow. I love the sights and smells of fall. Most of all I love the rake, jump, repeat tradition!

Henry the Fifth

Henry is turning five! He is such a great kid, and as we have all experienced, has great comedic timing! We cherish our moments with our H-dog. Here are some memorable Henry photos. Moments after the ‘what are looking at’ photo in the tub, Henry burst into song singing The Wild Rover! What a ham…

Halloween 2009

The Janke’s had a great Halloween! The boys made good use of their costumes attending school parties, friends parties, family parties, trunk-or-treat at the church, and terrifying the neighborhood on Halloween. I had a big scare on Halloween, I thought the Utes were going to lose to Wyoming! Ugh! But, in typical Utes fashion, they re-grouped in the second half and pulled out a win. We visited the pumpkin patch Saturday morning, and spent the afternoon carving pumpkins and working out our strategy for the most optimal trick-or-treating route. Even Bugsy the guinea pig helped out. Henry was a perfect pirate this year, the scurvy dog! Erik was the stealthy Snake Eyes, continuing his tradition of wanting to be a deadly efficient human weapon (Jedi Knights, Ninjas, etc). We hope your Halloween was as terrifyingly fantastic as ours.