The Janke Family

Monthly Archive: July 2012

House Update

Just a quick update on the latest Janke activities. Our house is finally being framed! Hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be no more delays. I thought it was hilarious that the first equipment they delivered to the job site was a generator and a microwave! Erik has been ripping it up in tennis camp, Henry has been in swim lessons, & Maci rules the roost with a fist of terror! Mo turned 29, again, this month! And, we are both really excited for school to start in August! I got an email from Linda Hollard, she is retiring after 39 years with Qwest/CenturyLink! Congratulations Linda, way to go!

Top of Zion 2012

My employer (TCN) put together a 12 man team to run the Top of Zion Relay last weekend. It is a two day 200 mile relay race across some of the most unbelievable scenery in southern Utah. Each runner in the 12 man team ran 3 legs, for a total of approximately 16 miles. It was an amazing experience and a total blast to compete with the other TCN Team members! Physically I was totally destroyed for days afterwards. My first leg was a 10K @ approximately 9000 feet elevation. I ran it in 42 minutes (7 minute miles!). My second leg was an 8 miler in the middle of the night, I posted a time of an hour 18 minutes (9:45 minute miles). My final leg was a short 2 mile run, which I ran in 15 minutes (7:30 minute miles). I averaged approximately 8:05 minutes per mile across my three legs. I think that is pretty awesome for an old fart like me!