The Janke Family


The Spruces

The boys & I did a little camping up at The Spruces in Big Cottonwood Canyon this weekend. Mo passed on all the fun and excitement because pregnancy & mummy bags just don’t mix well. That, and it was a boys trip, Henry summed it up best when he stated “you have to have balls to go…”! Leave it to Henry to state the obvious in a hilarious manner. We lucked out and got an awesome spot without a reservation. We got camp set up (Erik & Henry were very helpful), had a great dinner of hot dogs & cheetos, then enjoyed the campfire and an astronomy lesson courtesy of Google Sky Maps. The boys have their own mummy bags and sleeping pads, but everyone ended up on the air mattress Mo & I use because of a midnight barf-a-rama. It was awesome! Sunday morning was beautiful in the mountains. We rustled up some sausage, bacon, pancakes & Mountain Dew for breakfast, packed up camp, then headed up the canyon for a hike around Silver Lake. It was a quick short getaway, but anytime away in the mountains is worth its time exponentially.

Current Creek

The boys and I hopped in the Jeep and trekked up to Current Creek a couple weekends ago. We went up and over Guardsmens Pass from Big Cottonwood Canyon, and then up course up and over Lake Creek Summit, then down into Current Creek. We camped by the old group site down near the reservoir. We saw lots of deer, and some spectacular blue birds. On our way up the mountain the next morning my phone found service, I had a message form Mike and Lonnie. They were camped at the top of Buck Basin. We easily found them and spent the day riding the four wheeler and roasting brats and making smores. What a beautiful place!