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Halloween in Canyon Country

Thanks to The Discovery Channel, I have been introduced to punkin’ chunkin’, and have seen it in high definition no less (for those of you that are unfamiliar with this mostly Mid-Western past time;HERE is a link to quell your curiosities). But when I randomly discovered that a punkin’ chuckin’ festival was being held in Moab, Utah on Halloween weekend, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to witness the spectacle first hand (it was a good excuse to go Jeepin’ too!). The Boys & I arrived on Thursday, and had made arrangements to stay in a wee cabin at the Moab Valley RV Resort. The cabin was great, and the park was perfect. We spent every night after dinner swimming in the great pool. Actually we were kicked out of the pool every night trying to push closing time “just a few more minutes…”! We spent all day Friday down in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. There is a great new visitor center that we spent some time exploring. The boys actually became sworn in Junior Park Rangers! We hiked to Road Side Ruin, explored Cave Springs & Cowboy Camp, and hiked the trail that crosses the mesa between the two Squaw Flat campground loops. They have put a hand rail (similar to Angel’s Landing in Zion) at the top. People must have been getting to close to the edge. I know I went way past “to close” countless of times growing up. Of course you can’t make a trip to the Needles without traversing Elephant Hill! It was in the worst shape I have every seen it! It was Wicked! I queried the Ranger regarding the condition of the Hill, He said it was mostly due to having been washed out twice since the last trail maintenance was performed. It was hard work getting over & back, but some great people from Boulder driving tricked out FJ80’s gave me some great spotting help. I haven’t been down to the Needles for about 15 years, even though we have been in and around the Moab area countless times during that same time period. Of course, some things have changed. But all the sights, sounds, and smells that have filled my memories were all confirmed and reinforced in that short day. I hope my next visit is after a much shorter interval! We spent most the day Saturday at the Halloween Festival. They had two “World Champion” punkin’ chunkin’ air cannons, some trebuchets, and a couple catapults. The air cannons were the most amazing thing I have ever seen! The sound they made was incredible, but what was most unbelievable was how far they were hurling those pumpkins! The air cannons were blasting a basketball sized pumpkin 5,500 feet! Over a mile! It was so amazing to watch a pumpkin fly a mile through the air! I know it probably sounds pretty silly, but this is one event that is much more exciting to witness in person than to watch on The Discovery Channel! I hope you have enjoyed this mini travel log, we really enjoyed the adventures. I have included some pictures, including one of the the cannons!

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