The Janke Family

Moab in October

We had an awesome time in Moab a couple weeks ago with Jonny, Noemi & kids. We hit Dead Horse Point on our way down. It was Mo & the boys first time to the point. Instead of heading all the way back to Highway 191 we drove down Long Canyon and Pucker Pass to Potash Road. What a great drive! It offers views of Moab you don’t get to see all the time. The next morning we loaded up and tackled Hell’s Revenge. Epic! It is no accident that Hell’s Revenge is one of Moab’s flagship trails. There is a thrill around every corner. We ran into Johnny Lange on the trail, and watched him tackle Hell’s Gate. Wow! We took a short drive up Kane Creek Canyon on Sunday. Took a hike up a side canyon, and visited the birthing rock. It was interesting explaining to the kids what was hanging between the legs of all the people in the rock painting. And of course, we visited the rock shop. A trip to Moab is not complete until you visit the rock shop.

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