The Janke Family

Red Mountain Trail

We explored the Red Mountain Wilderness Area a couple times the last two weekends. The Red Mountain Trail is actually a couple different trails that start just north of Diamond Valley on Highway 18 (GPS coordinates N 37° 16.784 W 113° 39.163). We first explored the trail two weekends ago with Dan & Beth in the Jeeps. You can only Jeep in about a mile on the middle trail. It is an awesome Jeep trail strewn with large boulders. From the end of the Jeep trail we hiked about a mile and half to the East Snow Canyon Overlook. It was Amazing! Then last weekend the boys and I joined our neighbors the Gooch’s to explore the North trail. We rode mules all the way to Hell’s Canyon above Kayenta (approximately 20 miles round trip). This part of the trail included the West Snow Canyon overlook & awesome red rock country. We stopped for lunch overlooking Hell’s Canyon in an area with dozens of huge water pots full of water and Triops. Henry rode a mule & Erik rode a mustang that Paul Gooch bought from the BLM wild horse adoption program. They were awesome cowboys! They are tough little men!

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