The Janke Family

Sand Cove: The Vortex

Today we explored the slickrock East of Gunlock, Utah. The area is known as Sand Cove. We were particularly interested in finding The Vortex (AKA: Cowboy Potty, The Bowl). The hike starts on top of the lava plateau, takes you down across Sand Cove Wash, up the Slickrock Valley, then up on top of Camelback Mountain. The Vortex is an impressive giant pothole (AKA: Goblin Pot, Water Pocket). Water and ice filled the bottom on our visit, so we did not climb down into the pot. It was a great day to be in the desert with family and friends!

Parking GPS Coordinates:

Latitude:   37°16’47.6400″N
Longitude:   -113°44’18.0600″

The Vortex GPS Coordinates:

Latitude:   37°16’16.4928″N
Longitude:   -113°44’51.0828W

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