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Top of the World

We spent last weekend in Moab with Dan & Beth (Mo’s Aunt and Uncle, Dan is Craig’s youngest Brother). We spent the majority of our time crawling around two Jeep trails, Top of the World and Fins & Things. We have run portions of Fins & Things before, but this time ran the entire trail. We did test the claim that Kenny’s climb is as dangerously steep as it is cracked up to be. Whoa! The two pictures on the right are from the Fins & Things trail. That’s Dan’s heavily modified yellow Cruiser (Skulls). The Top of the World trail starts up the Colorado River 29 miles at the Historic Dewey Bridge, and quite literally takes you to the top of the world. We were off pavement for about 19 miles. Ten of those miles were easy going washed out somewhat graded dirt road, five were pretty deliberate low range travel. The last two miles to the top and the first two miles back down (an approximately 4 mile one way loop at the top) were insane! There were some very intimidating ascents and descents. When first approached I wasn’t sure ol’ red could make it. But, I’ve been rattling around in a Jeep for many many years and have a really could sense of where to point a Jeep to make it climb like a billy goat. The view was amazing! From the top you can view the South side of the Fisher Towers (the second picture from the left), usually viewed from the Colorado River (to the North). You can also see Fisher Valley, the La Sal Mountains, Castle Valley, and even all the way to Arches. If you look closely at the third picture you will notice we are perched nicely on an overhang! What a view, it is still giving me butterflies!

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