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This is a copy of what was recently posted at Jenny’s Blog.

We would like to start this Spring Update with a ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has kept us and of course Jenny, in their thoughts and prayers. We are grateful for the kind words that people say to us and for all the posts here on this Blog…

Tree Planted

In March we had a tree planted for Jenny and a plaque placed on a small post at the bottom. It is a Dawn Redwood, which is a deciduous conifer and is fast growing. Although it is a conifer, because it is deciduous, it sheds it’s needles each autumn. Before it does, it looks very beautiful as it changes through several colours from green to a reddish golden brown and gold. The trunk of the tree will in time, be covered in a beautiful red soft bark. Jenny’s tree is just starting to bud, so it looks a bit bare at the moment compared to others, but it will soon take off! We don’t want to advertise to the wider world exactly where the tree is just yet, but anyone who wants to visit, just call us or email and we will give you directions. The park wardens, who arranged everything and planted the tree for us, have been great and they have taken a personal interest in it.

The Investigation

We know it has been a while since we have updated this site or sent out an update email and a lot of you have been asking what is happening. The investigation is very much “still on the go” though (frustratingly) for obvious reasons, we are not able to go into any detail in this forum. We are sure however, that you will all take some comfort in knowing that it has not gone away or been closed down……. far from it!

Fingers crossed,

Brian & Ann.

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