The Janke Family

Dryer Escapades

If ever you are asked “can you look at the dryer, it doesn’t seem to be getting hot”, run the other way screaming as loud as you can! I was asked that question just the other day, and remembering that we had purchased the washer/dryer set when we moved into our house 11 years ago, I thought to myself “wow, it’s about time”! Well, actually I though “Oh, @&!%”. So, Mo and I looked at a couple of of the “Black Friday” specials around town. Some of them seemed like great deals, most these new washer/dryer sets would feel more at home on the Starship Enterprise then in my laundry room. Before committing to the cost of a new dryer I thought I would take a look at the old one. I thought for sure it was the heating element because everything worked, except it would not get hot. I found some great resources online for troubleshooting, testing, and purchasing appliance parts. With printed schematics in hand I tackled the task. Long story short, I finally got the old heating element out (You have to take these *%^$ things apart in a particular order, the whole thing! Why can’t they put an access panel on the back?) tested it with my Ohm meter, and it was bad. A brand new heating element is $30 dollars online! What a deal! While I was at it I replaced the belt that turns the bin. So. for about $50, and a good cleaning, my dryer works like it was new! Makes those “Black Friday” deals look a bit scary…

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