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Jaren vs. Router Table

On Saturday December 9, 2006 I was working on one of my current projects, a maple cabinet job for a utility room remodel, and against all wisdom and common sense had a quarrel with a router bit. It was a 3/4″ straight bit I was using for cutting dadoes into the back of the maple face frames. The bit was a little more ornery than usual because it is a “plungable” type bit which has an additional blade on the top of the bit to allow the bit to be plunged straight down into a project. One of the face frame pieces I was cutting bound on the router bit and was thrown out the far side of the router table. My left hand was controlling the piece as it was being cut, when the piece was thrown out my hand fell onto the router bit. Unfortunately, a router bit cut in flesh is not nearly as clean and precise as it is in wood. I have a laceration on the palm of my left hand directly below my index finger. It is approximately 1 1/4″ long and about 3/8″ deep. The bit then jumped to my thumb and left a bunch of surface lacerations. All of my tendons are safe and in place. It is merely a “flesh wound”! I am lucky, it could have been much worse. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the “Stop Jaren From Being Stupid” fund.

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