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USC Title 16 Chapter 63 § 4304

Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988 (FCRPA) USC Title 16 Chapter 63:
is a United States federal law that aims “to secure, protect, and preserve significant caves on Federal lands for the perpetual use, enjoyment, and benefit of all people; and to foster increased cooperation and exchange of information between governmental authorities and those who utilize caves located on Federal lands for scientific, education, or recreational purposes.”

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) USC Title 5 § 552:
is a federal freedom of information law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government. The FOIA explicitly applies only to executive branch government agencies.

USC Title 16 Chapter 63 Section § 4304: Confidentiality of information concerning nature and location of significant caves:

(a) In general 
Information concerning the specific location of any significant cave
may not be made available to the public under section 552 of title 5
unless the Secretary determines that disclosure of such information
would further the purposes of this chapter and would not create a
substantial risk of harm, theft, or destruction of such cave. 
( Pub. L. 100–691, §5, Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4548 .)

USC Title 16 Chapter 63 § 4304 Subsection (a) pertains to the Secretary of the Interior and its office and precludes said position and office from requests for information concerning the specific location of any significant cave under The Freedom of Information Act (USC Title 5 Chapter 5 Section 552), and in no way relates to dissemination of information by private citizens.


Office of the Law Revision Council United States Code (USC)

USC Title 16: Conservation

USC Title 16 Chapter 63: Federal Cave Resources Protection

USC Title 16 Chapter 63 § 4304: Confidentiality of information concerning nature and location of significant caves

USC Title 5: Government Organization and Employees

USC Title 5 Chapter 5: Administrative Procedure

USC Title 5 Chapter 5 § 552: Public information; agency rules, opinions, orders, records, and proceedings

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