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Scofield Triathlon 2007

The Scofield Triathlon was held on August 11th. Scofield reservoir is about 90 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, tucked away high in the mountains about halfway between Spanish Fork and Price. It is actually quite near Huntington Canyon where the coal mine collapsed on the miners this past summer. It is the highest elevation triathlon in the United States at 8000 feet above sea level. Believe me, I was feeling it! There was no air! I was sucking wind. Despite the lack of oxygen I did very well and ended up with a personal record! It was such a fun event. They had a big barbecue with a live band after the race. It was a big party.

I also did the Alta Canyon Rec Center triathlon on September 4th. It was held at a local rec center, and was a outdoor pool swim. It was really a fun event put on by Sandy City and Alta Canyon.

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