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Jenny Update

Dear Family & Friends,

David Hodgson, of Richmond North Yorkshire, was formally charged in court on 19 May 2007 with Jenny’s murder. He has been remanded in custody. Ann and I were informed last week that a trial date has been set for 14 January 2008. The case will be heard at Teesside Crown Court (Middlesbrough), presided over by a High Court Judge. To date, there has still not been an application for bail, though we still expect this to happen (or an application for dismissal) at some point.

We don’t know too much more at this point, though the Police will be visiting us in due course to brief us on various aspects. We will keep you all posted as and when we can.

Ann and I went to Richmond a couple weekends ago for Richmond Live, which is a 2 day outdoor music event. Jenny’s band played there a few years ago when their band won their heat of the Battle of the Bands competition. The only other news is that August 2nd was my first day as a civilian and it feels kind of spooky!!! After over 34 years of service in the Army, my engagement came to an end with my last day in service on August 1st. I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical in the meantime and will probably undertake a few more courses at Uni or College during the autumn. I’ve done quite a bit over the last year as part of the resettlement package provided by the Army, so I’ll be a student again…along with all the bad habits that will bring! Ann is working away part time and bringing in the beer tokens to support me!

Brian & Ann

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