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West Rim

I did a little exploring today in the St. George desert. I had heard of a fun Jeep trail nearby called the West Rim. This trail is part of the Winter on the Rocks off road event (it’s like the Easter Jeep Safari of St. George). Wow! It was really fun! To give some perspective, it is kind of a mix of Fins ‘n’ Things & Elephant Hill, with the views of Top of the World. The views were awesome, and the obstacles were fun and challenging. There was one casualty, I smashed my tail pipe up pretty good. Oh well, my tail pipe sees a lot of abuse ;). I made a .kmz file of the trail, so if you are interested you can download it HERE, then load it up in your GPS, Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.

On a separate note, my good buddy Mike was driving by Rice Eccles Stadium this morning and spotted some deer in the cemetery across the street from the stadium. In the herd was a giant 8 x 10 buck! He sent me a picture, this is a magnificent specimen! Here is the picture of the big Utes buck!

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