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Wear Blue On 2/22

Erik sent the email below out to family & friends & it spread like wildfire! Erik’s school, Altara Elementary, friends & family all over the world participated. Mark Koelbel from KUTV news caught wind of it and awarded Erik with the “Pay it Forward” award! Erik & his school will be on KUTV (channel 2) news tonight (2/29) @ 10:00! Erik also got to talk about the book that he illustrated & wrote with his Nanny (Peggy deAzevedo). It is titled “I’m Glad to Be Me”. Erik is going to use the “Pay it Forward” award money to print copies of his book & donate them to schools, hospitals, & the Ronald McDonald House! He is such an awesome boy, and I am proud that he is my son!


Everyone who gets this e-mail needs to listen up. Let’s see if we can get into the paper for this. On February 22 2012, lets everyone wear a blue shirt to protest against bullying. I don’t care what shade of blue it is. If you’re a kid pass this along to all your friends. If you go into a chat room tell everyone there to tell their friends. If you’re an adult pass this to all your friends. And tell everyone at work about it. I’m using the power of e-mail for this. Mark your calendars for Feb. 22, blue shirt day. Let’s go down in history for this. I don’t care if you get this e-mail 2000 times.
Just keep sending it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS. Please copy and paste this into a fresh email. Nobody likes scrolling through tons of other people’s emails
P.S.S. This is not just a chain email, we’re trying to make a difference!

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